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I make sculptures that function as medicine to explore ipseity. My work is a culmination of everything I have been exposed to, from my Mexican/Aztec roots to punk/goth subcultures. Growing up in Juarez, Mexico I was engulfed by bright colors and industrialization juxtaposed with the violence that resides inside a border town. I make multi-faced creatures and play with the idea of alchemy using symbols of power, from voodoo to alchemy, to decorate the surfaces of my sculptures. 

My work is influenced by Mexican clay Folk Art, each handcrafted piece is a story within itself. Growing up, I was enamored with the paintings of Frida Kahlo and North and South American pre-Columbian art of the Moche and the Mayans. This style of art influenced me to combine and blur the limits of reality through clay.

Working with clay sculpture the possibilities feel endless; I can hand-craft imaginations that were only bound by gravity. My work relates to the imagination of dreams and nightmares into a physical plane. Combining my knowledge of creation-stories, from Santeria to Aztec folklore, my artwork weaves a narration of shamanistic associations. The creatures I sculpt morph into animals showing the duality and connection within all life, to bridge the past and the present. My sculptures recently have been exploring surrealism. I draw from the history and knowledge of every story I can remember to construct a creation that comes solely from a childlike notion of imagination. Which in return I will create the medicine that can be used to alleviate from my ancestors' colonization and finally mend some open wounds.

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