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Cynthia Yadira Gonzalez (they/them) is a Mexican-American artist who has been painting since 2003 and sculpting since 2009. Their work is vibrant in color and incorporates found objects and non-traditional mediums, like felt and caulking, to create eccentric and unusual objects packed with sibylline symbolism. Inspired by dreams, nightmares, and mental illness, their work serves to visually communicate the anxiety and daily dysphoria that is a familiar recurrence in their everyday life. 
They received of International Sculpture Center's 2022 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award, Helen Dooley Scholarship, Violet Speddy Scholarship, Elizabeth Heil Scholarship, Carolyn B. Hayes Art Scholarship, James E. Olson Scholarship, Hazel Anderson Estate Scholarship, Nick Lomoro Scholarship Fund, Peter Dona Lycurgus Art Scholarship Scholarship, the Belle Foundation grant, and was the recipient of the Murphy Cadogan Award in 2022. Raised in San José, Cynthia Yadira Gonzalez earned their Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Spatial Arts (sculpture) from San José State University in 2020 and is currently working on their Master’s in Fine Arts at San Jose State University.

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